QTAFI paper is a VBA programme (macro) which assists you with the

  1. development of a high quality paper questionnaire (ready-to-print),
  2. documentation of your survey data (codebook),
  3. automatic generation of the data definition  (variable and value labels, missing values) for SPSS,
  4. automatic generation of a SPSS tables programme,
  5. automatic formatting of ready-to-print tables .

A documentation of the installation process is available.

Instructions for QTAFI Paper installation 


Latest version: QTAFI (August 2021)

Download the QTAFI paper files (zip) (QTAFI zip)

Automatic generation of a simple questionnaire - learn the formatting

Automatic generation of an online questionnaire

Automatic generation of SPSS data definition syntax

Automatic generation of ready-to-print tables with SPSS syntax