Tools for questionnaire development, data documentation (codebook) and analysis.

  1. QTAFI online - development and administration of online questionnaires
  2. QTAFI paper - development of ready-to-publish paper questionnaires, automatic creation of a QTAFI online questionnaire, SPSS data definition and tables syntax
  3. QTAFI scanner - automatic data capture with a scanner.

1. QTAFI online

QTAFI online is a programm for development and administration of online questionnaire written by Martin Guist (Kassel, Germany). It is an open source project and can be used under the GPL. QTAFI was used in hundreds of tracer studies worldwide. The latest version was developed with support of the European Training Foundation (ETF).

Latest version: QTAFI-ETF (November 2015)

For the installation on a LINUX server:

Download QTAFI-ETF server version (QTAFI_ETF_1.0_server.zip, 37 MB)

For the installation on your PC:

Download QTAFI-ETF desktop version (QTAFI_ETF_1.0_desktop.zip, 45 MB)

The JAVA source code

Download QTAFI-ETF source code (JAVA) (QTAFI_ETF_1.0_src.zip, 40 MB)

Short introductions to the new QTAFI version are provided in two presentations of Tamara Arutyunyants: (Arutyunyants_QTAFI_online_2015a.pdf, 1 MB)

(Arutyunyants_QTAFI_online_2015b.pdf, 1 MB)


Tamara Arutyunyants has also written a guide for the use of QTAFI-ETF:

Download the guide (QTAFI_ETF_handbook_2015.pdf, 2.8 MB)


Earlier versions of QTAFI

QTAFI online 2.0

Version 1 was launched 2003 and is not more supported.

Version 2 was launched 2008 and is used in many surveys.

Download the programme (online_QTAFI2_install.zip, 6.5 MB)


2. QTAFI paper

Latest version: August 2021

Download the QTAFI paper files (VBA) Download QTAFI paper




QTAFI paper was developed by Harald Schomburg first around 1990. A documentation of the version of the year 2003 was published in the tracer study handbook:

Tracer Study handbook (2003)

Title of the handbook


3. QTAFI scanner

QTAFI scanner is a tool for automatic data capture of paper questionnaires written by Martin Guist (Kassel, Germany). It is an open source project and can be used under the GPL.

Download the programme (scanner_QTAFI_install.exe, 14 MB)