QTAFI online

QTAFI online is a programm for development and administration of online questionnaire written by Martin Guist (Kassel, Germany). It is an open source project and can be used under the GPL. QTAFI was used in hundreds of tracer studies worldwide. The latest version was developed with support of the European Training Foundation (ETF).

Latest version: QTAFI-ETF (November 2015)

the QTAFI ETF screen

For the installation on a LINUX server:

Download QTAFI-ETF server version (QTAFI_ETF_1.0_server.zip, 37 MB)

For the installation on your PC:

Download QTAFI-ETF desktop version (QTAFI_ETF_1.0_desktop.zip, 45 MB)

The JAVA source code

Download QTAFI-ETF source code (JAVA) (QTAFI_ETF_1.0_src.zip, 40 MB)

Short introductions to the new QTAFI version are provided in two presentations of Tamara Arutyunyants:

(Arutyunyants_QTAFI_online_2015a.pdf, 1 MB)

(Arutyunyants_QTAFI_online_2015b.pdf, 1 MB)


Tamara Arutyunyants has also written a guide for the use of QTAFI-ETF:

Download the guide (QTAFI_ETF_handbook_2015.pdf)

the QTAFI guide


Earlier versions of QTAFI

Version 1 was launched 2003 and is not more supported.

Version 2 was launched 2008 and was used in many surveys.

Download the programme (online_QTAFI2_install.zip, 6.5 MB)

A QTAF online handbook was written by Dewi Juliah Ratnaningsih (Open University, Jakarta, Indonesia) in Bahasa Indonesia and was used in many workshops at universities in Indonesia who are using QTAFI2 online for their tracer studies.

Download the handbook in BAHASA INDONESIA (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Install online.QTAFI engine

Quick instruction (written by Bhina Patria, UGM Yogjakarta)

Here is the quick instruction to install online.QTAFI in your own server. More detailed instructions will be provided later.

 If you are familiar with CMS installation (e.g. Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc), the installation of online.QTAFI is not that different. These are the quick steps to install online.QTAFI:


  1. Download and unzip online.QTAFI engine and put the files in your server.
  2. Create a database in your web server, as well as a MySQL user with a full access to the database.
  3. Open config file which is located under engine folder (engine/config.php). Change some paths (start from line 54) according to your server address. Configure also the information about your database (start from line 149).
  4. Configure the path of in startClient.php which is under /webstart. Configure some paths according to your server setting (line: 25, 38, 39, 42)
  5. You are finish with the installation! Now access the administrator login with your browser, go to http://yourserverdotcom/engine/admin.php. You can login the first time with user: admin, password: 12345.

As a super administrator, now you can make a new project or a new online questionnaire. To add a new project just click Append New Case.
After that an empty project is created. You should then set the project name, user name, and also the password. Just click on the word [Empty] under name and project column to set it. Don't forget to also set the password, click [SET] under PIN column.